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Gerardo Ríos believes that artistic creativity is infinite and void of centrality or boundaries. There are no norms to adhere to when it comes to inspiration. Anything can trigger the creative process resulting in a piece of iconic furniture that transcends trends and fashion to become an object of profound emotional, decorative and functional significance. Ríos has the unparalleled ability to be inspired by an animal, an airplane, a painting, a dream, a ballet dancer, etc., and he takes this inspiration and translates it into a unique and unequalled representation of art in all of his furniture masterpieces.


G. Ríos masterpieces are for people who have an educated taste beyond the ordinary and can afford to purchase luxury furniture that enhance their world-class interior design.

Each piece of furniture is crafted with high-caliber precision tools imported from Italy and is sculpted by selected local artisans giving each piece of work its personal and non-replicable touch.

Upon sensing and seeing the finished work, you are challenged to observe and interpret intended concept and theme in each design.