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A collaboration of precious woods from all over the world, exotic leathers, fine metals, tinted and etched glass, and unique stones are employed in the design and creation of all G. Ríos masterpieces. The initial form is shaped using high-caliber precision machinery imported from Italy. The final form of each piece is hand-sculpted by local artisans whose craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation. The artisans employ their aesthetic sensibility as they are guided by Mr. Ríos’ drawing so that they assist in creating a highly specialized masterpiece of furniture that conveys the harmony and meaning of the piece that G. Rios had intended.


As a Master Designer, Mr. Ríos takes design to a new level by integrating natural and noble materials such as fine wood and leather with high quality glass and polished or rusted metals to create visually stunning contrasts that bring forth the conceptual foundation of each collection. Mr. Ríos hand selects the finest wood, glass and metal for his creations.

Each season welcomes a new scheme of custom color pallets and tones uniquely created by Mr. Ríos and used exclusively for his collections.


G. Ríos gave new life to an almost forgotten ancient Mayan technique in which colors and lacquers are multi-layered in a six-step application process. Each layer boasts its unique color or stain. This ancient practice produces a multi-toned reflective surface which when viewed dynamically changes with lighting and point of sight, creating unexpected and magical visual effects over the surfaces.


G. Ríos masterpieces include the most luxurious of fabrics and leathers stitched by a blend of precise machinery and handcrafted detailing. The perfect inclusion of fabrics melds into the designer’s collections, concepts and shapes.


I value my clients and offer them the opportunity to request custom options on almost all my designs and collections, including: measurements, varieties of precious woods, lacquer colors, fine fabrics & leathers, glass colors and metal finishes. I personally collaborate with my clients so that they may receive a highly personalized and crafted masterpiece that is consistent with their interior design concepts.
-Gerardo Ríos.