a tale told by fine

Gerardo Ríos, collaborates at his prototype laboratory with highly skilled and experienced artisans of exquisite craftsmanship and
state of the art technology experts to translate his lavish artistic,
ungoverned and unleashed design vision, sculping it through
responsible industrial processes into custom-made, world-class atemporal experiences.

A distinct selection of precious woods from all over the world, exotic leathers, fine metals, tinted and etched glass, and unique stones are employed in the creation of each of Gerardo Ríos’ masterpieces.

The initial form is shaped using imported italian high-caliber precision machinery.

The final form of each piece is hand-sculpted by local artisans whose craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation.

Creating a highly specialized masterpiece of furniture that conveys the harmony and symbolism intended by Mr. Rios.

Gerardo Ríos


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