The lines of the aero bookcase, arise from the need to communicate the adventurer spirit to innovate at the beginning of the last century, represented by the wooden planes with special textiles and fabrics that flew through the sky during those years. It is not only a unique stylish accent furniture, but also a piece that inspires and invites to dare and achieve.

The shape of the legs and the main structure try to emulate the airplanes by helix of those early years and suggest in an exquisite style the organic ART NOVEAU of that period with three shelves of laminated colored glass that gives a touch of distinction and uniqueness to the whole piece, giving different tones of light on the reflected areas. 

The form of the inverted curved shelves make the books stay tight to one another, in the case of the wooden shelves. The crystal shelves can be used either for books or decorative ornaments and thus, take advantage of the reflected light through the tinted glass, that can be customized in different colors, giving a unique personality to the room itself

The most difficult part of this furniture was designing the most appropriate joint between legs, both for industrial production, as the esthetic of the piece: The main challenge was to give a continuous form to the elliptical shelves in a gradual but artistic interpretation using different layers.



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