FOR SALES WITHIN THE USA: Please contact our distributor in Miami. Contact details on this website.

FOR SALES OUTSIDE USA: Please contact G. Rios by telephone and or by email. Contact details on this website.

Due to the sophistication and uniqueness of our items, and the different shipping methods and charges, we ratify that our items are not available for online purchasing at the moment.

After we receive confirmation from the client that he/she wishes to proceed with a purchase, we will send a proforma invoice. Payment and receipt of deposit funds and signed order (with details of the item) finalizes a purchase order. Beginning of production will only take place after receiving cleared deposit funds and signed order.

Our business terms, unless otherwise stated, are standard within our field and industry:

Payment of 50% deposit funds on purchase order (prior to beginning of production) and 50% outstanding balance on advice of completion (before collection and delivery).


We only accept payments by bank transfer. All payments will be charged to the client in American Dollars (USD). All payments received charged to the client in American Dollars (USD). All payments received by G. Rios from the client must be in American Dollars (USD) only.


If you wish to discuss any queries you may have concerning any of our items or collections, we request that you contact us by telephone or by email at sales@gerardorios.mx to study and discuss in detail your precise requirements.

We are able to customize many of our items and collections to client specifications. In the case that your requirements (size, choice of fabric, wood tone) vary from those shown in our catalogue please do not hesitate to contact us.

“Reference” fabric and “Reference” finishes samples are available for many of our items on request. To settle, for clarity, the record and avoidance of doubt that any “reference” samples provided to the client will be indicative, therefore variations may arise and the client is to make allowances for this circumstance.

Delivery of our pieces is available worldwide and includes delicate and glass pieces. Shipments will be handled by specialist shippers and all our shipments, unless otherwise stated, are fully insured while in transit and up to the point of delivery.

Gerardo Rios assistance to our customers includes:

• We will study each item in detail with the client.

• We will support and offer the client (where applicable) with all that is required to allow the client to proceed with a selection either purchase (private customers) and or a presentation of our pieces to the final customer (interior designers and or architects selecting and or presenting pieces on behalf of and to their client or project).

• Provide high resolution images on client’s request (where applicable) in order to study in detail the piece of furniture the client is selecting.

• Advice on all wood finish options. Samples will be provided to the client once it has been confirmed that the items have been agreed by the client for description and purchase.

• Regarding items that require fabric, we will confirm fabric quantities required and advise further in relation to possibilities on fabrics (client’s own fabric (COM) or selection of an upholstery fabric from our fabric collection). Options will be provided to the client once it has been confirmed that the items have been agreed by the client for description and purchase.

• G. Rios will confirm with the client shipping charges and options prior to purchase order.

The finish on the illustration/image on G. Rios website and or images provided to the client and or physical sample is an indicative finish, as we are dealing with a natural material and a hand finish. The figuration and grain of the wood represented on a particular illustration or wood sample presented or provided are characteristic of the particular wood sample (grain or figuration of the particular part of the wood or tree) used at that specific time of the production of the piece pictured / illustrated. Variations may occur as we are dealing with a natural material and a made to order piece finished by hand.

Please kindly note that the final product may vary in tone and grain pattern due to the nature of the wood itself. The tones used are our (ateliers) own production and therefore may vary from time to time due to environmental factors such as heat, light, humility, auxiliary shinning materials, so on and so forth. We may therefore be unable to reproduce the same tones perfectly every time.


As a general rule, depending on location (final destination of the goods) and services available and or offered within the country of final destination, there are two principal options:

CURB SIDE DELIVERY This is a standard service and the most economic method. The delivery is made to curb sideThe client is therefore advised to organize assistance at delivery point.

INSIDE DELIVERY It includes additional man power on delivery (not just the driver), inside delivery and placement and or assembling of the furniture pieces (assembling where agreed, appropriate and or pertinent) unpacking and removal of all packaging. Inside delivery is subject to access. In the event of access being prohibited or non-existent and or restricted access is compromising the safety of the goods being delivered, G. Rios will confirm the additional costs and or charge for this additional service to be applied, this is non-refundable. In such instances goods will be delivered to ground floor level. *This option is not available worldwide, please confirm with us first.


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