Gerardo Ríos: luxury furniture and high end design-art brand

Gerardo Ríos,

founder of the design-art brand that carries his name, is a multi-laurated industrial designer and artist, whose international trayectory of over 35 years of experience, began when he first took charge of a furniture shop owned by his family, and has now extended into a spectacular range of the highest end design-art, interior design, rare high specification furniture, luxury furniture and hospitality industries;

Descending from a rich line of pioneers in the engineering and artistic heritage such as world reknown painter José María Velasco and engineer Fernando Altamirano,
Gerardo Ríos emerges as a signature design-art brand in 2013.

Ever since,

Internationally acclaimed Gerardo Rios collaborates at his prototype laboratory with highly skilled and experienced artisans of exquisite craftsmanship and state of the art technology experts to translate his lavish artistic, ungoverned and unleashed design vision, sculping it through responsible industrial processes into custom-made, world-class atemporal experiences.

His work conveys his artistic world vision and story-telling which encompass disrupting and inspiring design.

Eye-rapturing creations that awaken the senses and engulf the soul.

Each of his unique masterpieces is handcrafted and personally signed and numbered by the artist himself.

Gerardo Ríos furniture pieces are exquisite crafts for those who enjoy the finer luxuries in life.

Gerardo Ríos

For me, it is the need to communicate and the possibility of astonishment that defines the word “Design”.

-Gerardo Ríos


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